Joie Shop – where convenience, color, and affordability meet.


Here at Joie Shop, we’ve been giving kitchens all over the world a new look for the past 60 years. Joie Shop provides a vast selection of kitchenware, gadgets and utensils sure to transform any cooking experience into an easy one. Best known for our vibrant, colorful novelty collection, we put the fun back into every day cooking. Our kitchen accessories are designed to simplify your daily culinary tasks and ignite your creative side when entertaining. Our iconic collections are carefully designed with just the right amount of kitsch-y flare. But don’t let the Oink Oinks or Eggys fool you with their cute looks – these products were designed for to last. Joie means joy... let us help you make your kitchen a more joyful place.


Home Kitchen Gadgets

Joie has gadgets galore for every chore! Our gadgets are fun and well-design so you can enjoy using them as much as looking at them. Our wide range of gadgets are perfect for the whole family. From cup measurers to ice-cream scoops and to egg slicers, Joie Shop has what you need to make cooking simple.


Kitchen Supplies

We have the unique kitchen supply to fit your unique style. Our brightly colored kitchen supplies are sure to lift your spirits and help you create fantastic dishes for you and your family. From spatulas to fondue sets, Joie Shop has just what you need to show off your inner master chef. Whether you’re entertaining your family or hosting a dinner party, Joie Shop has the kitchen supplies to elevate your cuisine. Spend less time preparing a meal and more time crafting a fun culinary experience.


Kitchen Housewares

Joie Shop’s kitchen housewares will help you create delicious meals and decorate your kitchen. Cooking is easier than it looks when you have the right tools. Our innovative kitchen housewares are designed to look beautiful while helping you achieve stunning dishes. You don't need a culinary background to create delicious meals... all you need is Joie!